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Pagani Zonda Coda Lunga

Exactly one year ago we showed off our design study of the Zonda Coda Lunga, a long tail Zonda with intense influence from the history of Pagani. The idea was to bring together the best of original and modern Zondas into a gorgeous blend of modern look and historical class. Manual gearbox, naturally aspirated V12 and looks to make the original Zonda C12 jealous, Zonda Coda Lunga is the ‘più grande’.

The exterior paint scheme was inspired by a Pagani Zonda S which Horacio reportedly stated has his favourite specification at the time. However the red paint has been changed to red exposed carbon on the CL. Wheels are completely bespoke rims inspired by the Zonda Venti and HP Barchetta, 2 of the latest Zonda iterations.

Interior includes the steering wheel of the HP Barchetta and the wooden shifter from Huayra Roadster BC, inspired by the Porsche 917K, Horacio Pagani’s favourite vehicle.

The car was designed and modelled by Yatsu Raima for LMM Design and rendered completely by LMM Design and is our favourite project to date.